Tuesday, December 06, 2005

These photos were taken this past Saturday with my roommate Shannon and some friends of hers from the PMF group (and Kerri). We hiked up around Harper's Ferry, found ourselves amongst Civil War era folks making taffy & playing with canons, learned more about John Brown, and even "hiked" part of the Appalachian trail. Later that evening, we drove through the breath-taking luminary at Antietam, where they lit a candle for every soldier who died in the bloodiest Civil War battle. There were fields and fields of candles for more than 23,000 soldiers. It is hard to imagine what 23,000 looks like, but these candles make quite an impression. It was definitely worth seeing, but I wouldn't go back next year because waiting in traffic for over 2 hours is annoying...even when you are listening to Vanilla Ice.


It started to snow on the soldiers...


What's that? Candles


More candles


Over 23,000 candles--One for each soldier who died at the Battle of Antietam.


More soldiers by the campfire


Brakelights and candles.


Soldiers by the campfire


This is the Luminary at Antietam...If I were a better photographer, these pictures would have been better! It's quite impressive.


A Civil War era couple


PMF-er's plus one!


Me and Shannon...Doesn't it look like we're in from of a model train set?


This would have been better if a train were going through...It says 1931 I believe.


From the outlook at Haper's Ferry...

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